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Automatic Transmission Service

The bell housing, the gears, the fluid and the filter are the four main components that make up your automatic transmission. So while there might be various parts involved in its function, most transmission problems can be followed back to one of these areas. Some people believe that all they need is a transmission flush to make everything better. What helps the most though is just regular maintenance and vigilance. It’s important to check your transmission fluid twice a year, or more if you suspect a transmission leak. Some of the place you want to check are the drain hole under the transmission, the area between the engine and transmission, the space at the selector shaft and near the speed sensor mounting point. Also, check near the radiator or the filler tube base. Now, if all of this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. Best of all, rather than buying a new transmission or doing a transmission rebuild, sometimes it may be as simple as changing a filter. So rather than putting it off and causing serious damage to your car, make sure to call us to schedule an inspection appointment if you’re experiencing transmission problems.

Standard Transmission

Let’s be perfectly honest. Driving a stick can be exhilarating – it’s downright fun. Plus, you may find it also provides better fuel mileage while not being as expensive to maintain. However, that doesn’t mean standard transmissions won’t break down. There are a few things that you can look for before a bad situation gets worse. These may include a clutch slip (where your engine revs up but the vehicle doesn’t move properly), gear troubles, a sticky clutch or leaking fluid. Before something small become something major, make sure to contact us at Bill’s Transmission and Complete Auto Care. A transmission rebuild cost is much more expensive than something that could be handled with just proper maintenance. To learn more, call us today and schedule your appointment.

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