Torque Converter

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Transmission Torque Converter

When your automatic transmission isn’t being as automatic as it supposed to be, you may have a torque converter issue. In a standard manual transmission your engine is connected to your transmission via the clutch. But if you own an automatic car or truck, it’s the torque converter that serves the same function. There are actually several symptoms that you can look for when it comes to torque problems so you may see the problem coming in advance before it does serious damage to the rest of your vehicle.

Torque Converter Symptoms

When your vehicle makes odd noises, like revving or clicking sounds, you may have an issue. Furthermore, if your car shudders and shakes above 30 miles an hour, or if this shudder comes out of nowhere, it may be a torque problem. If you have a transmission slipping or your transmission fluid has black material within it, it can be a bad torque converter. Another popular symptom is overheating. However, this can also occur with low transmission fluid levels or a bad transmission solenoid. If you find you’re having any issues such as these and you’d like to find out the torque converter replacement cost for your vehicle, call us to schedule a vehicle inspection. Keep in mind that these are just some of the symptoms you might expect, but not all of them. To see if replacing your torque converter is best for your auto, simply call or email us today at Bill’s Transmission and Complete Auto Care.

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