Rear Differential

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Rear Differential Repair

For those who have an issue with their rear differential or limited slip differential, you found shop that can help you. First, let’s discuss what a differential is and the purpose it serves. First, it puts engine power to the wheels so the vehicle moves. It also slows the rotational speed of the transmission before this energy is dispersed to the wheels. Furthermore, it sends power to the wheels and allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, which is why it earns the name for differential. 

Fixing Differential Issues

A bad rear differential is usually characterized by noises and vibrations you’re not used to experiencing with your vehicle. Other kinds of sensations may include a clunk or a bang with your foot on and off the gas. Another might be a rumbling sound when you are turning. You may experience a vibration that increases when your speed increases. Again, these are just a few of the possible untypical experiences when it comes to differential issues. To find out for sure, you can e-mail or call us at Bill’s Transmission and Complete Auto Care to schedule your appointment.

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