Transmission Problems

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Warning Signs of Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can come out of the blue, but they often they come with warning signs. For instance, transmission slipping occurs when you put the car into gear but it pops out. Other symptoms can include not wanting to go into gear or responding slowly when it’s put into gear. At other times, it may make an odd noise like a whining, humming or clunking sound when you shift gears. Sometimes your car may have a burning smell. And finally, one of the most undiagnosed issues is the check engine light. What some car owners don’t realize is that it’s not just for engines alone. Sometimes a transmission issue will throw a red flag via the check engine light. Of course, one of the obvious signs is a transmission leak, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you find your vehicle is experiencing any of these particular issues, or something is happening that you can’t quite explain, make sure to call us to schedule an appointment.

Avoid Transmission Problems

Did you know that certain transmissions can sometimes have certain symptoms? For instance when it comes to modern automatic transmissions incorrect gearing can be caused by a bad solenoid. At other times, an issue might be solved by a transmission fluid change. It really just depends on your situation. However, if you’re looking to avoid doing a transmission rebuild or buying a new transmission, the best advice is preventative maintenance. As soon as you recognize there something wrong, have it investigated. Maybe it’s making a funny noise or it’s not ‘going’ like it used to. If so, those are signs to look out for and address. When that happens, be sure to contact us here at Bill’s Transmission and Complete Auto Care in Monroe, MI.

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